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What’s new in 6.3.25

New Functions, Options, and Code Improvements!

In this release we’ve added a number of new function options for the Pen and ExpressKeys to improve tablet function in 3D apps such as “Pan/Zoom…” and “Tumble”.

We’ve added a new 28 key On-Screen Controls Panel for when you need more than 8 keys to get the job done.

Support has been added for the One by Wacom pen tablet (CTL-471 & CTL-671). To take advantage of the Pro driver features simply remove the old consumer driver (5.3.*) and install 6.3.25.

Finally, we’ve made many code improvements to support High Sierra (10.13) and increase the performance of our entire Professional product line.

Driver 6.3.25-2 for macOS
Released on October 6, 2017
Resolved Issues
Affected Fixed
All devices All models Google fixed an issue with Google Chrome where Pen clicks would occasionally stop working. Update your version of Chrome to avoid this problem. 873
All devices All models We fixed an issue where Finder would not launch when triggered from an On-Screen Controls button. 880
All devices All models Resolved an issue with Middle clicks not working correctly in some applications. 896
Cintiq Pro DTH-1320, 1620 Improved the function of one and two finger clicks. 1035
Known Issues
Affected What you can expect
All devices All models You cannot log in to your computer from your device using pen or touch.

What you can do about it while we fix it: You can use your mouse or touchpad. If you do not have a mouse or touchpad, use the right or left arrow keys on your keyboard until your user name is selected and then press Enter.

All devices All models You may be unable to rename desktop objects by clicking them with your pen.

What you can do about it while we fix it: You can either use your keyboard or touch to rename selected desktop objects.

All devices All models There is currently an issue which causes modifier keys triggered from ExpressKeys and Pen Buttons to not function correctly when coupled with the keyboard.

What you can do about it while we fix it: Create keystrokes or use your keyboard when modifiers are required.

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